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Cydar EV

Your AI co-pilot in the operating room

Designed by physicians, for physicians

Game-changing cloud software that delivers automated 3D overlays into the operating room for endovascular surgical guidance. Helping to save time, reduce radiation and improve patient outcomes.

Reduce X-Ray Dosage

Reduce radiation

By reducing the need for contrast angiography and shortening procedure time, Cydar's 3D overlays have been shown to decrease radiation exposure by 50%1, even in standard EVAR. Helping protect staff and patients.

Save time in the operating room

Save time

Using 3D overlays can reduce procedure length in endovascular interventions by 30 – 60 minutes2. Cydar EV is fully automated and does not require any alteration in the clinical workflow – helping save even more time in the operating room.

Operating Theatre Lights

Improve patient outcomes

Contrast-induced nephropathy is the leading cause of in-hospital renal failure. Effective use of 3D overlays can reduce the dose of nephrotoxic iodinated contrast used intraoperatively and has been associated with improved renal function.

Acurate Live X-Ray Images

Always accurate

Cydar EV software constantly watches the live X-ray images, using bony anatomy to detect patient position and generate up-to-date 3D overlays. Unlike mechanically-tracked systems, Cydar’s image-based tracking automatically corrects for errors caused by patient movement and postural differences3.​

Mobile X-ray Set

Compatible with your current hardware​

Cydar’s computer vision technology watches the X-ray images, meaning it works with any type of fluoroscopy set. Mobile or fixed. Image intensifier or flat panel detector.​

Selecting a Patient Scan

Software that’s simple to use​

Using Cydar EV in the operating room requires no additional X-rays, calibration or manual registration steps. The software takes care of all the setup and updating for you. Just turn it on any you're ready to go.


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