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Cydar listed in Forbes as One of Four British Medical Start-Ups To Watch In 2018

Cambridge-based Cydar produces software that enables surgeons doing keyhole surgery to operate using live 3D images of the patient.

Historically, the quality of the images surgeons have had access to has been poor; by contrast, Cydar’s software matches CT scans and X-rays to form a live, 3D image, which in turn gives a much better and accurate picture to the surgeon.

The result is that patients suffer fewer complications and need fewer X-rays. Meanwhile, hospitals have a more predictable scheduling program and fewer over-runs, enabling them to operate more efficiently. Founded by consultant vascular surgeon Tom Carrell, Cydar’s technology is already in use in the NHS, as well as in North America.

Cydar Medical Finalists for Business Excellence Award 2018 in Innovation

We are pleased to be listed for the Cambridge News Business Excellence Awards as finalists in the Business Innovation category.

Cydar’s surgical guidance system

“Would you be comfortable with a surgeon placing this in your aorta?,” Cydar’s Dr James Gough asked our judges, waving around a medical instrument several feet long.
The thought of such a device entering your body is not for the faint-hearted (sorry), but guiding instruments is one of the biggest challenges faced by doctors since away from open surgery to more non-invasive techniques. At the moment, surgeons usually have to rely on a 2D X-ray view for guidance, but Cydar has come up with a system that combines this with 3D CT scan images. The firm’s cloud-based platform uses machine learning algorithms to map an individual patient’s anatomy and pinpoint the location of instruments.