Abstract in the Journal of Vascular Surgery features benefits of Cydar EV

Posted in Research on 06 Jun 2018

A recently published abstract in the Journal of Vascular Surgery (Volume 67, Number 6) highlights the benefits of Cydar’s revolutionary endovascular software. Other 3D fusion devices available on the market use hardware-based tracking points on the operating table to position the overlay image. This can be time consuming for the physicians and can potentially lead to an inaccurate overlay, in a situation where millimetres count. Cydar is unique in that it uses computer vision rather than the operating table to produce an accurate and reliable hands-free 3D overlay that is continuously updated through image matching techniques.

The study’s findings conclude that use of Cydar EV decreases radiation exposure, fluoroscopy time, and procedure time. It states: “[Cydar’s] novel technology has the potential to improve clinical outcomes, to reduce costs, and to broaden the application of 3D fusion imaging.”

Image-Based Three-Dimensional Fusion Computed Tomography Decreases Radiation Exposure, Fluoroscopy Time, and Procedure Time During Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Kevin W. Southerland, Uttara Nag, Megan Turner, Brian Gilmore, Richard McCann, Chandler Long, Mitchell Cox, Cynthia Shortell. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC