Articles feature benefits of Cydar technology

Posted in Press on 16 Jan 2018

Two great articles (linked below) are praising the use of Cydar in the operating room at Duke University. Some of the benefits of using Cydar technology as listed in the articles from the physician, Dr. Cynthia Shortell include:

  • Shorter operating times
  • Better accuracy
  • Reduction in radiation exposure (patient and physician)
  • Shorter hospital stay (benefits patients and hospitals)
  • Less contrast agent used
  • Much greater accuracy


Dr. Shortell and Cydar also envision wider applications of the cloud-based technology for any procedure that uses 3D imaging.

“We will use CYDAR imaging in our other hybrid OR for patients undergoing heart surgery. This technology can theoretically be used for any sort of procedure that is done in 3D, including treatments for cancer, so it doesn’t have to be limited to blood vessels.”

Photo: Dr. Kevin Southerland, General Surgery Chief Resident, inserts a stent graft using CYDAR imaging