Cydar EV launches in the Netherlands

Posted in Press on 22 Dec 2020

Cydar EV launches in the Netherlands

Cambridge, U.K. - 16th December 2020.

Cydar Medical today announced that the Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ), Tilburg, is the first centre in the Netherlands to purchase Cydar EV - an AI and cloud-based software platform improving image-guided surgery.

Paul Mussenden, Chief Executive Officer of Cydar Medical commented: “The Elisabeth-TweeSteden is a leading clinical training centre in the region and we are delighted that the ETZ has become our first customer in the Netherlands. This marks an important milestone, as we look to position Cydar’s innovative technology as standard of care.”

Dr. Jan Heyligers, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital commented: “At the ETZ we are constantly working to advance the standard of care that we offer to our patients, and the introduction of Cydar EV demonstrates our commitment to having the most advanced technologies for both patients and surgeons. Cydar EV is a smart image-guided platform that provides us with detailed, accurate maps of the patients’ anatomy in real-time.”

Heyligers continues: “We are thrilled to be the first Vascular Unit in the Netherlands to have the Cydar EV system up and running. At the end of the day, we expect to deliver better patient care. Since Cydar EV is a self-learning system that gets smarter over time, we foresee endovascular procedures to become safer and more efficient. We also expect our supporting staff, residents, and fellows to better understand the complexity of vascular anatomy and its treatment”.

About Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital (ETZ)

The Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital is a leading regional, clinical training hospital in the Central Brabant region of the Netherlands, with supra-regional function for trauma and neurosurgery.

Department of Vascular Surgery

The department of Vascular Surgery is part of the surgery group called “Vakgroep Chirugie Midden Brabant”. Heyligers: “Together with Drs Maarten Dinkelman, Marnix de Fijter, and Patrick Vriens -all Consultant Vascular Surgeons and Fellows of the European Board of Vascular Surgery- we perform complex and straight forward open and endovascular procedures. We train residents and fellows in Vascular Surgery. The hospital has 2 fully equipped hybrid ORs that are available 24/7 for (acute) vascular interventions. Because ETZ is a referral centre for trauma, the exposure in acute vascular pathology is relatively high -like traumatic vascular transections and bleedings. Of course, it is supported by an extensive Intensive Care Unit”.

About Cydar Medical

Cydar Medical is the only company in the world using cloud computing, AI, and computer vision to improve performance during image-guided surgery. Cydar enables surgeons to create detailed 3D Maps to plan surgery, and then automatically augments the live image guidance used during surgery with these Maps. The result is that surgeons can work more accurately and efficiently with better outcomes for patients.