Cydar Medical announces strategic collaboration with Medtronic

Posted in Press on 19 Apr 2022

Cydar Medical announces strategic collaboration with Medtronic

Cambridge, United Kingdom - Cydar Medical today announced it has entered a strategic collaboration with Medtronic, a global leader in healthcare technology. Under the pilot arrangement, Cydar’s EV Maps software will be introduced to up to 40 new global sites, combining Cydar’s augmented intelligence technology with Medtronic’s services and case support, with the goal of improving patient care.

The Cydar EV Maps software harnesses the latest in cloud GPU computing, computer vision and machine learning technology to advance surgical visualization and decision-making in theatre and across the care pathway. This enables clinicians to create detailed patient-specific 3D maps for procedure planning, image-guided navigation, and post-operative review, resulting in less radiation exposure to the patient and the clinical team, reduced procedure time, and increased delivery confidence.1-3 This pilot program will also inform the future development of predictive analytics to support procedure planning, by assessing factors such as the risk of endoleaks, sac regression probability and more.

Medtronic is the first medical technology company to enter a public strategic collaboration in digital endovascular technology to advance aortic patient treatment decisions. The collaboration is part of Medtronic’s ongoing commitment to innovation in aortic care for physicians and their patients.

“Medtronic aims to revolutionize endovascular aortic treatment with digital solutions with this phased approach. By collecting data across the patient journey—before, during and after procedure—our goal is to provide analytic support to make our endovascular stent grafts ‘smart’.” said Carolyn Sleeth, VP, General Manager, Aortic.

“By collaborating with Medtronic to bring our Cydar EV Maps solution to up to 40 new hospital sites, we are a step closer to achieving our mission to ensure every image-guided endovascular procedure goes exactly as planned,” said Paul Mussenden, CEO of Cydar.

Cydar EV Maps is currently available in the EU, UK and US. It is certified Software-as-a-Medical Device with an EU CE mark and U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance.

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Paul Hardwick

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About Cydar

Cydar specializes in medical computer vision, machine learning and cloud high-performance computing. Cydar EV Maps is a cloud-based software platform that generates patient specific 3D Maps of soft tissue vasculature to support more effective image guided, minimally invasive endovascular surgery. The system comprises pre-operative procedure planning functionality and real time, AI enabled 3D intra-operative imaging and procedure guidance, with procedure video capture and post procedure review functions.

When guidewires and instruments deform blood vessel, the real-time imaging updates the Map to match the new, deformed patient anatomy. This results in an accurate 3D Map on the screen throughout a procedure. The Cydar EV Maps platform also allows post procedure outcome analysis. The result of this integration of procedure planning, guidance and review is that surgeons can work more accurately and efficiently – enabling an ~50%1 reduction in radiation exposure, a significant reduction in fluoroscopy time and reducing procedure times by more than 20%2 while helping achieve better outcomes for patients.

Cydar’s Surgical Augmented Intelligence technology is learning from every case to develop a deeper understanding of surgery. Headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Cydar’s focus is to build a future where all procedures proceed exactly as planned News about Cydar can be found at


1 Maurel B, MartinGonzalez T, Chong D, et al. A prospective observational trial of fusion imaging in infrarenal aneurysms. J Vasc Surg. 2018;68:17061713.

2 Shortell C, Veith Symposium New York, 2017

3 Cydar Medical data on file.