Cydar Medical featured in Cambridge Magazine May 2018 edition

Posted in Press on 24 Apr 2018

Cydar Medical is featured in Cambridge Magazine with an article about the company’s creation, founders, and aspirations for the future.

Tom says: “We looked at the things we needed, which was people who are experts in computer vision, cloud computing and software engineering. It’s a very rich vein of talent in Cambridge, we’ve got seven PhDs here, and the other thing is the guys come and work for us and see that the code they’ve written is being used in operating rooms. That’s a very powerful thing, to see the stuff you’ve written having a real impact.” With FDA and CE mark approval achieved, Cydar’s system is already installed in test sites in the UK and the US. Initially aimed at vascular surgery, it could branch out into other areas such as oncology, and Tom believes the company can have a truly global impact.

“Duke University Hospital, our first partner in the US, did a study of the health economic impact of using the overlay, and it showed that the operations take less time, patients have fewer complications, particularly kidney complications, and there’s a reduced exposure to X-ray radiations for both patients and staff,” Tom says. “They’re the things that underpin the business case for this, it’s making operations faster, safer and cheaper. That’s what every health system in the world needs, not even the Americans have money to throw at things just because they’re shiny and new – you have to prove the value of what you’re doing. “We would like this to become the standard of care, so any patient having an operation anywhere in the world should be able to get the benefit of enhanced guidance and intelligent planning we’re developing.”

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