Cydar Medical releases automatic software update system to customers in the US and Europe

Posted in Press on 01 Nov 2019

Cydar Medical has passed another important milestone in supporting its cloud-based AI system for Image Guided-Surgery. The Cydar EV system shows surgeons the 3D location of arteries, in real-time, during the placement of arterial stents and grafts. Cydar’s appliances in operating rooms around the world will now receive their software updates remotely and automatically.

Cydar has always been able to make automatic updates to software in the cloud which does the bulk of the computational work. But, up until now, software running on the Cydar appliance in each operating room had to be kept updated by one of Cydar’s field engineers. With this new update, Cydar can update the software running on its appliances remotely, - ensuring each is running the most up-to-date software. This is important from a security perspective and saves valuable time for Cydar’s team of field engineers.

How Cydar EV works

During stent placement procedures, an X-ray video camera (fluoroscope) allows the clinician to visualise the procedure. The greyscale x-ray images are grainy and it is difficult for a surgeon, cardiologist, or radiologist to visualise blood vessels clearly without repeatedly injecting harmful x-ray contrast media into the patient and using a high dose of x-rays. Cydar’s system uses powerful cloud computing to watch the procedure in real-time along with the surgeon - continuously checking the x-ray images against a three dimensional CT scan of the patient (uploaded prior to the procedures). AI software in the cloud identifies the exact location of the blood vessels and sends a coloured outline back to the operating room where it’s is overlaid onto a screen, showing clinicians exactly where the blood vessels are and where the stent needs to be positioned. The system simplifies interventional procedures, can shorten procedures times, and reduce x-ray exposure for patients and clinicians.

The Cydar EV system is approved, on sale, and in use in the US and EU.