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Artificial Intelligence in endovascular surgery: What is the reality today?

Tom Carrell, Cydar

CX VIENNA - 2020

Intelligent Planning: Plan-Navigate-Review.

Tom Carrell, Cydar

LINC – 2020 Interview

Hear from Prof Andrej Schmidt of Leipzig Universitätsklinikumon using Intelligent Guidance in Endovascular Interventions.

Andrej Schmidt, University Clinic Leipzig, DE

VEITH - 2019

Comparison of Philips Vessel Navigator and Cydar Medical: How they work and advantages, limitations, and cost of each.

Jan Heyligers – ETZ Tilburg, NL

VEITH - 2019

Improvements In Any C-Arm Capability With Cloud Based 3D CT Fusion From Cyder Medical: Its Software Can Compensate For Changes In Anatomy By Stiff Wires And Devices: It Can Decrease Radiation Exposure And Contrast Usage.

Cynthia Shortell, Duke University Medical Center, US

Radcliffe Group Interview - 2019

New developments Fusion Imaging

Bijan Modarai, Guy’s & St. Thomas’, UK

CX - 2019

Podium 1st: New developments in fusion imaging -artificial intelligence that deforms anatomy to maintain accuracy.

Bijan Modarai, Guy’s & St. Thomas’, UK

Vascular News Interview - 2018

Fusion imaging makes visible for the whole team what is in the operator’s mind

Tilo Kolbel, University of Hamburg, DE